QI Cruisers


About QI Cruisers

QI Cruisers was developed by Quality Independence, INC. to encourage the individuals we serve to have an integral part in the community outings our organization offers. Everyone who wants to go on outings with us is a part of the QI Cruiser committee. 



At the end of every month, QI Cruisers get together and plan next month's outings. It is our hope that everyone will contribute their ideas and those ideas will be reflected on our calendar every month. Some of our outings have included: 

  • "Day Camping" at Peace River Campground
  • Port Charlotte and Fort Myers Flea Market
  • Nature Parks
  • Shopping for QI Cafe


Breaking Barriers

We want to continue to break barriers people with disabilities face every day in their communities. By encouraging the people we serve to self-advocate and actively participate in the development of Quality Independence (and our QI Cruiser program), we hope to remove stigmas and make small developments to bring about social change.